CFP Gender and the Sea, 25 november 2021

Vissersvrouwen op het Scheveningse strand, Bernardus Johannes Blommers, ca. 1880 – ca. 1885. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Call for papers van het Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis, met als onderwerp ‘Gender and the Sea’.
For centuries sailors thought that the presence of women on board would mean bad luck: rough weather, big waves, and other disasters were sure to follow. Through notions like these, women were supposedly excluded from the maritime domain. Therefore, the ship and the sea have predominantly been perceived as a space for men. Yet, the presence of women at sea has increased in the last century. This volume of the Yearbook for Women’s History therefore asks: to what extent was the sea ever a masculine space? This volume examines if and how women were part of seafaring communities, maritime undertakings, and maritime culture. Meer informatie